Exclusive Interview with Fast rising Rapper “Just6” as he talks music,Lifestyle on the LINS show


Yes indeed umuahia got talent!!
Tonight we will be having a short interview with one of our umuahia based Artiste in the person of “Okoh justice chibueze” also know as Just6.
We re talking Music and Lifestyle tonight!
Sit tight and enjoy this wonderful interview brought to you by VeekGrafix.

Legitjamz: Goodevening sire..Good to have you on the LINS
May we know you?
Just 6: Tank you for having me,,Am Okoh Justice Chibueze
popularly known as Just6 (J6 in short) AkA
Jneral,i’m a fast rising rapper from the East coast of

Legitjamz: oh! Thats good…So tell us..
How did you come about the stage name JUST6?
Just 6: Lol,,honestly it was Divine,,like I said my real name
is Justice and where ar Just six members that make
up my family so I decided to make that my stage
name to remind myself about my family,and also
since it sounds like my real name too

Legitjamz: What inspired your passion for music and who has
been there supporting you from the beginning?
Just 6: Well,music has always been my thing,from when I
was still 8,buh growing up I fell in love with Mr
Raw’s sound, Lil Wayne,Nas and Eminem too.
As for my support,, my family has always been
there for me,my friends and my music associates

Legitjamz: Thats Great…
So tell us sire..what can you say of the Nigerian
music industry, do you think it’s getting better or
otherwise? And do you think it’s accommodating?
Just 6: I must say,the Nigerian music industry is really
growing and also gaining international
recognition,, it hasn’t been this way since,kudos to
our hardworking artiste that puts us out there on a
daily basis.
It is accommodating,once you’ve got the passion to strive,the talent to showcase, then you’re good to
go.I believe the Nigerian music industry is still
headed forward.

Legitjamz: Yes i concur with you….(smiles)
Last year you released so many singles and one of
them caught our attention which is your cover of
Desiigner Panda. Can you tell us what motivated
you in dropping that song cover and why the
music have won the heart of so many of your fans?
Just 6: (Smiles)
Well,,,I have to say its the lords doing,
Honestly I never thought that my cover would be
accepted massively is it was nd still is. I also never
planned to do a cover for that song buh Ghana
sensation, Sarkodie,his cover was what I heard and decided to do mine as I rap with both Igbo
language nd English,I believe people down here
could easily assimilate it so I went ahead to record
it…(laughs) big shout out to King Sark

Legitjamz: Thats encouraging..
How do you balance your music with other
obligations – family, friends e.t.c and do you have
any on going project?
Just 6: (Coughs)….
It hasn’t been easy,you know, you’re always here
or there,buh like I always tell people.. it’s Worth the
struggle I have so many projects at hand buh for
now its just more singles.

Legitjamz: Name one Nigerian Producer,Artiste(s),Video
cinematographer you would love to work with if
funded right away.
Just 6: (Smiles)….
Well am a fan of Masterkraft,Sarz,maleek berry,E
kelly,Adey and krizzbeats,,buh I will love to work
with maleek berry,I love his sounds, as for an
artiste it’s definitely Yung6ix,then director Mex

Legitjamz: From your experience so far, what have you found
to be most challenging in pulling out good songs?
And how are you dealing with it?
Just 6: Definitely is finance,,,money has always been the
most challenging element,,, The inspiration (s) do
come buh sometimes due to the lack of finance u
become handicapped,,, buh also the passion to be
better everyday gives a good artiste the reason to
pull out good songs.

Legitjamz: Talking about romance now, is there a flame in
Just6’s heart at the moment? #Winks
Just 6: (Laughs),,, well,,am a ladies guy,,though i don’t
have a blood sister,I have so many female fans and
friends buh let’s just leave the private life private

Legitjamz: Hahahhahaha Okay oooo…
So tell us sire apart from music, what else do you do
or what other hubby do you love?
Just 6: (Smiles).
Am a dancer,,also I do Barb buh no professionally.
I still want to further my education.
I love football,seeing movies and also travelling.

Legitjamz: we have come to the end of the show so tell us Any
Last Words To Your Fans and how can they reach
you online??
Just 6: (Takes deep breathe)…..
First,i will start by saying thank you once more to
you guys for having me here Secondly to my fellow
arstiste,,,d struggle isn’t easy buh just know that
success us sweeter Finally to my fans,,keep
supporting the brand JUST6,sure to never disappoint you guys,keep ur fingers crossed nd ur
legs too You can me on social media via Twitter and
instagram @Just6jneral Then Justsix Nwa Amadi
on Facebook.

Thats all we have for tonight..
Lets keep supporting our very own artistes,oaps,djs and dancers
Thanks for reading….

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